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Movement Musings from Clinical Pilates Teacher Rebecca Faith Wield

As we move into January, a month when lots of us will be making New Year's resolutions and heading into the gym, our Clinical Pilates teacher Rebecca Faith Wield shares some thoughts on 'the ideal body'. While it's great to start the year with goals to motivate you, being mindful and kind to yourself during the process is just as important.

The Ideal Body With the New Year can come the urge for physical improvement: what a wonderful urge. Perhaps you have an image of how this body should look and feel. I would like to suggest something: what if you already have your ‘ideal body’? The culmination of your lived experience, a walking, talking history which makes you... you. Let’s start there. Ideal Posture ‘In human beings, continuing the process of bringing the spine into the vertical creates the need for two independent muscle arrangements: one to establish and maintain posture, and another to allow freedom of movement. If the posture is held unnaturally through the muscles designed to facilitate movement, a conflict will arise... a conflict that will tend to be resolved only through the applying of unnecessary force.’ (Renowned ballet teacher Tully. R, 'The song sings the bird', 2008). I find the more awareness and kindness we show ourselves when working with the body, with a somatic, body-focused approach, the more an efficient system like Pilates can truly help facilitate long-lasting change. More ease and balance, resilience and strength in both body and mind. What a gift that keeps giving.

If you'd like some support on your movement journey this year, whether that's getting active, building strength, recovering from injury or working towards your goals, you can book a one-to-one Clinical Pilates session with Rebecca on our Booking page.

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