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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a form of musculoskeletal manual therapy. This means it focuses specifically on the muscles and bones and how they work together in a patient’s body.

I have been going to Guy Gold for 16 years and have found his approach nothing short of miraculous. His approach is highly systematic and based on a very thorough knowledge of the human body.

Osteopathy in NW1

Osteopaths undertake extensive anatomical and physiological training (including at least five years of study at university) that enables them to use spinal manipulation and massage techniques to improve health and relieve pain. Because it is a non-invasive treatment, it is safe for people of all ages.

What can Osteopathy help with?

Many different types of people can benefit from Osteopathic treatment including people dealing with injuries, the elderly, athletes and children. Osteopathy can help with ailments including joint pain such as hip, knee, wrist and uncomplicated neck pain. It is effective for arthritic pain, frozen shoulder and tennis elbow arising from associated conditions in the back and neck, circulatory problems, sciatica, and headaches arising from the neck.

Osteopaths are qualified to work with children as well as pre- and post-natal women. Osteopaths are trained to screen for medical conditions and will tell you if you need to see another health professional such as your doctor or midwife.

Pain Management
Minor Sports

Who is Osteopathy for?

Osteopathy is suitable for people with bodies of all ages. We've treated Olympic champions, future Olympic champions, actors, office workers, manual labourers, nurses, doctors, surgeons, office workers, teachers, professors, gardeners, performers, bricklayers, dancers, yoga and pilates teachers, dentists, other Healthcare practitioners, social workers, artists, musicians, mechanics, politicians, sex workers, Bishops, Muslim clerics, Buddhist monks, spiritual leaders, sportspeople, academics, hospitality workers... to name a few!


We treat all patients over the age of four: teenagers, adults and elderly patients, for a whole range of issues and ailments. Osteopathy can be particularly useful for:

  • People managing chronic musculoskeletal and back pain

  • Athletes, former athletes, weekend warriors and sportspeople suffering from minor sports injuries

  • Headache sufferers

  • People with mobility issues

  • Anyone in need of general musculoskeletal support through their lifetime

Osteopaths are trained to screen for medical conditions and we will tell you if you need to see another health professional such as your doctor or midwife.

If you're not sure whether Osteopathy is the right treatment for you, feel free to contact us. You can also have a look at our FAQ, where we've answered some of the common questions about Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and our practice. To book an appointment with one of our Osteopaths in Camden, visit our Bookings page.

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