Our experienced Osteopaths, Physiotherapist and Movement Specialists

Our experienced Osteopaths, Physiotherapist and Movement Specialists have studied and practiced extensively. Experts in their fields with years of dedicated patient care behind them, they are on hand to help in any way they can.

Guy Gold

Clinic Owner, Director and Principal Osteopath 
BSc(Hons), Ost Med, D.O. ND
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Guy Gold has run an Osteopathic practice in Camden for almost 21 years and has built his reputation through his commitment to helping every patient get the best out of life. He graduated from the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy in 1998 with a BSc honours degree in Osteopathic Medicine and a Naturopathic diploma. He is holistic in his approach and believes in treating the individual, rather than a condition, to optimise health and wellbeing.

Guy’s strength is his highly refined observational skills which inform his comprehensive patient assessments. He uses the assessment process to build personal treatment plans based on the needs and medical history of each patient. Dedicated to growing and developing as a practitioner, Guy undertakes ongoing professional training to challenge himself, to support his associates and to help deliver the best treatment possible to his patients. Patient feedback plays an important part in continually improving his practice. Guy has recently introduced more stickers into his consultations, following some kindly advice from one of his 7 year old patients.

Guy provides treatments to anyone over 4 years old, including pre and post natal women. He often invites associates into the practice to offer patients an additional range of specialist approaches, including Cranial Osteopathy and Paediatric Osteopathy for babies and toddlers.

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“Brilliant! Guy clearly loves his work and is a first rate Osteopath! I can’t recommend him highly enough.“

Andrew Hudson

Clinical Director and Senior Associate Osteopath
BSc M.Ost
Andrew Hudson Osteopath - Meet the Team.

Andrew has been working as an Osteopath for over a decade. He has held teaching positions in Osteopathy and Exercise Rehabilitation in Australia, the U.K. and India.


With extensive experience working in sporting and hospital settings, Andrew has helped treat and rehabilitate, professional and amateur athletes across the world.

He has specialist skills in sports and Exercise Rehabilitation, and uses Clinical Pilates, Strength & Conditioning and Movement Analysis as parts of his management plans.


Andrew utilises a combination of manual (hands-on) treatment with movement coaching and strength training to help patients achieve their goals and reduce pain.


Originally from Melbourne, Australia - Andrew graduated with a Masters of Osteopathy, and has completed postgraduate training in Clinical Pilates, Strength & Conditioning Coaching and Functional Movement Analysis.

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“Andrew has really helped me over the last few months recovery from chronic low back pain. I have seen a number of Physio and Osteos and none compare!“

Anna Aydinc

Senior Associate Osteopath
M. Ost
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Anna has been a practicing Osteopath for 10 years. She has a particular interest in spinal pain and rehabilitation including post operative.

Her treatments are based on active functional assessments with a strong structural approach and draw on visceral and cranial osteopathic approaches, in order to address pain or dysfunction in the context of the whole body. Anna regularly attends CPD courses in these fields and has pursued in depth training in treating the pelvis, abdomen, diaphragm as well as newborn paediatrics.

She lectures multimodal health care strategies at an advanced level internationally, and is passionate in giving best care to her patients as well as students. Anna feels privileged to work in a truly wonderful profession that allows her to help her patients to continue or return to the things they love to do and students to flourish into outstanding Osteopaths.

She has worked in NHS settings as well as sports clinics, supporting patients of all ages and background particularly within high-level national martial artists, triathletes and Rugby sevens, as well as office workers, nonagenarians and newborns.

Originally from Germany, Anna graduated from the British School of Osteopathy with a Masters in Osteopathy.

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“Anna is one of the best Osteopaths I've ever worked with. She's incredibly kind and encouraging as well as always able to target the painful areas in my body and help me resolve them.“

Mary O'Leary

Senior Associate Osteopath
BSc(Hons), Ost Med, D.O. ND, MSc Nutritional Therapy and PGCHE
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Mary is a highly experienced and passionate Osteopath and Nutritional Therapist, whose treatments are both holistic and refined, and whose teaching is held in high esteem by the large number of practising Osteopaths she has trained.  She is a specialist in the treatment of headaches, migraine, sports injuries and chronic pain.  Mary is also skilled in the practice of Visceral Osteopathy, which assists in reducing functional and structural imbalances within the body.


Mary graduated with a first-class Honours degree in Osteopathy and a Diploma in Naturopathy from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) in 1998. She has since completed her MSc in Nutritional Therapy and has completed the British Medical Acupuncture qualification in the use of dry needling.


As soon as she graduated, Mary was invited to return as a lecturer at BCOM, which she did between 1998 and 2000. She went on to lecture at Oxford Brookes University between 2002 and 2014, where she took up a role as Clinical Education Coordinator, and also taught Nutrition, Osteopathic Technique and supervised final year students in clinic.


She has practised at the Lechlade Medical Centre in Gloucestershire for fifteen years and co-founded the highly regarded Faringdon Clinic in Oxfordshire in 2003, where she worked until 2019.

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"Mary O'Leary is a practitioner with great knowledge, experience and empathy. I have known and been treated by Mary for several years and I would highly recommend her Osteopathic skills. She listens carefully and her easy manner provokes great trust. She always explains her procedures, which include acupuncture where necessary. Her wealth of anatomical knowledge and skill is exemplary and wide ranging. I always leave her feeling better and that I am in good hands.

The clinic is lucky to have her."

Gervais Roubeix

Associate Osteopath
M. Ost
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Gervais developed a passion for Osteopathy in his youth, having experienced the positive benefits of osteopathic treatment in his own life.

He went on to receive a Master’s Degree in Osteopathy (M.Ost) at the European School of Osteopathy (ESO) in the UK. In addition to his training in structural osteopathy, Gervais has undertaken special training in women’s health, the visceral approach, and the subtle technique of cranial osteopathy. He has also enhanced his manual skills through qualification in Sports Massage, and training in the application of Medical (Western) Acupuncture techniques.
His broad range of skills and experience enables him to treat adults of any age, including pregnant women.

Prior to studying osteopathy, he received a Master’s Degree in Engineering in France, where he was born and raised, and spent a period working as an engineer in Belgium before pursuing a career in osteopathy.

Gervais believes that osteopathy is most successful when comprehensive assessment and treatment are matched with clear communication, so that the patient feels respected, reassured and empowered. His work is aimed at resolving the immediate issue and also assisting the patient in improving their longer-term health. As part of this process, he provides tailored advice and exercises to each individual.  

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Rebecca Faith Wield

Associate Clinical Pilates Instructor and Movement Specialist
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Rebecca is a Movement Coach with 17 years experience teaching Clinical Pilates in London at The Garuda Studio, The Centre for Health and Human Performance in Harley St, Tri-Yoga, The Light Centre, St Pancras Hospital and Cirque du Soleil. She is a mat & equipment qualified Pilates Foundation teacher, with a specialist certificate in Pre/Post Natal Pilates. She has an interest in the effects of stress on our mind-body and has trained in Somatic Stress Release™ with Dr Scott Lyons in New York. 
Rebecca has refined a holistic coaching approach, adapting to the individual’s needs each session but also using a precise observational assessment of alignment and neuro-muscular holding patterns, that over time can be released and replaced with healthier movement patterns for long term recovery, confidence and resilience. Rebecca is dedicated to working with the clinical team to support specific rehabilitation goals with functional and creative movement. Her goal is to empower each person with awareness and tools to grow a stronger relationship with their unique and brilliant bodies.
Rebecca’s background is in classical ballet; she is a graduate of The Royal Ballet School and danced with English National Ballet. She is also an actor, teaching Laban-based movement for actors and is currently doing an MA in Movement Direction at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

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