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Feedback on our Osteopathy & Physiotherapy treatments in Camden

We are so grateful to every one of our patients who leaves us a review, and we take the time to listen and respond to every one. We are proud of our 5* rating on Google and Doctify and we strive to maintain that high level of service in every interaction with our patients.

Here are some of the testimonials our patients have left for us for our Osteopathy and Physiotherapy treatments.

If you'd like to leave us a review, you can do so on Google or Doctify.

You can view all of our up-to-date reviews on Google here, or on Doctify here.

I’ve been having Osteopathy with both Guy Gold and Anna Aydinc for over 16 months now and I’d be lost without them. Myself and my husband go regularly to keep on top of things. Guy is extremely intuitive so you don’t have to say much for him to figure out what’s best for you. They’re also very caring and I always feel very well looked after. I have complete trust in Guy and his team and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Kim Sheehan

"Thank you Guy and Andrew for enabling me to have quality of life and a pain-free future."

Guy Gold’s establishment is a unique and life-enhancing thing. A centre for world-class Osteopathy, combined with a hip little coffee bar in one of the most charming corners of London. My wife and I have been going to Guy Gold for many years now and his treatment has been literally a life saver for us. He has built up the practice with a superb team of associates-and the excellence of the coffee bar makes it a destination in its own right. Highly recommended all round!

Emily and Daniel Pailthorpe

"Guy's knowledge base, diagnostic and technical skills are highly impressive... and I say this with my background as a consultant surgeon."

I cannot recommended Guy highly enough. With his magic hands he is able to ease my lower back pain within one session. He gives his full attention to his patients and during the session he is fully committed to get you better, he is completely engaged and always give his 100%. Guy is a true professional with a magic touch that never fails to deliver.

Susan Inbar

Guy and his team are nothing short of Miracle workers. He has saved me from Back/neck surgery many times and has continued to treat my back for the last 10 years. He is thorough, diligent, professional, honest, kind, caring and extremely skilled. I can't recommend Guy and his team enough. 10/10

Mark Turner

Guy and his treatment has been life changing for me. Coming with a not serious but complex lower back problem, which made me dysfunctional for a long time, he managed to lift me up and back on my feet in just 2.5 months. Guy is an extremely experienced Osteopath who follows a holistic approach towards the patient, while making sure you feel comfortable at all times. He also took a very detailed history of past injuries and sensitivities before we start which made me feel in good caring hands. His team is also very experienced with the same mentality towards treating clients. Could not recommend him and his team enough.

Ilia Galouzidi

I have been receiving treatment from Guy Gold for over 15 years after my husband recommended him. Not only is Guy an extremely talented osteopath he is also gifted with great communication skills – not always a given with health professionals. I have always felt comfortable with him as well as confident in his assessment and treatment. As others have said here, he seems to have an intuition - I always leave the treatment feeling better physically and usually mentally too. I feel lucky that Guy practices not too far from where I live but both my husband and I also used to make appointments to see him on visits to London during the decade we lived in Asia. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Gillian Rhys

"I have felt listened to, well diagnosed & brilliantly treated, all in a cool & relaxed setting. Their Covid-19 protocols are very secure & I cannot recommend this osteopathy clinic more highly."

When I first came to see Guy Gold I was in a lot of pain, and the pain specialist and neurologist I had seen had left me with little hope and with the only solution being a major operation. From the outset, Guy was professional, knowledgeable and managed my expectations of my recovery. Through his hard work, his excellence, his dedication and skills I am now a fully functioning, pain-free, overworked woman. I have a deep sense of gratitude to Guy and his team and to see a man who is at the top of his profession and yet so compassionate and in tune with his patients is a privilege. Thank you Guy and Andrew for enabling me to have quality of life and a pain-free future.


Danielle Cohen

"Guy took a very detailed history of past injuries and sensitivities before we started which made me feel in good caring hands."

I just wanted to say that Guy has been amazing in aiding my recovery from a recent injury. His knowledge base, diagnostic and technical skills are highly impressive...and I say this with my background as a consultant surgeon. Right from the first meeting, he was very attentive and had a clear and open demeanour about him. It also helps that he's a thoroughly nice guy! I would wholeheartedly recommend him.

Najib Daulatzai

"Welcoming and kind. Very effective treatment plans, which have helped me to walk without pain in my leg again. Highly recommend."

It’s no exaggeration to say Guy has kept me going for many years, but particularly during the pandemic he has supported my body and it’s complex issues and also done wonders for my spirits. I used to be regularly disabled by crippling pain which would see me in bed for days and having to take time off work several times a month. It impacted all aspects of my life. Specialists told me to make life adjustments to learn to live with these episodes and prepare for degeneration. My yoga teacher recommended Guy and having seen him for a decade I have had only one flare up, which was due to a traffic accident. He has truly transformed my life.

Clare Marsden

Guy has treated many of my injuries over the years, and he delivers high quality service and excellent value in his treatments. I always feel better (both in body and in spirit) after seeing him. He is upbeat, genuine and kind, and really cares for his patients. Not only does he help with any physical maladies, but he is a wealth of knowledge in many other areas too (I often come away with life tips I didn't know I needed, but were incredibly useful!).

He sees his patients as whole people (not just as bodies), and is very open minded but also practical. He really listens and encourages and takes on board any feedback. I appreciate his treatment of the whole person (body/mind/spirit), not just a shoulder or a knee.

Lauren Wilkie

I have been seeing Guy Gold for treatment for over 15 years. He was recommended to me by my previous osteopath who was retiring. At the time, she assured me I would be "in good hands" - how right she was! I can never thank her enough for introducing me to Guy's care. His knowledge, skills, intuitive approach, empathy and sense of humour have made me look forward to my osteopathic treatment every single time. On a bad back day, I have the certainty that I will come out of his practice pain free and relieved; on a Covid-blues day, I know that his empathy and sense of humour will get me to smile the minute I walk in. Not only is Guy the most talented osteopath I have ever come across, he is also the most caring, attentive, responsive practitioner you will ever meet.

Nicole de Feo

"Impressed with Guy's new procedures and hygiene policies around Covid - I always feel safe in his therapy rooms, and even more so now with everything he has implemented to reduce the spread of this virus."

Guy Gold is a fantastic osteopathy clinic. I have been a client for many years and have found Guy to be excellent in his assessment and treatment. Furthermore during lockdown they have gone above and beyond making sure everything is cleaned, clients are checked for temperature and their hands have been sanitised before and after treatment. They also ensure the treatment rooms have had enough time to air between clients.

Lynn Zeloof

It's no exaggeration to say that Guy Gold changed my life. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his practice to anyone in need of help.
I had been suffering with lower back and shoulder pain for years and had tried seeing other osteopaths, physios and chiropractors, but none worked for me. After being recommended Guy by a friend, I booked an initial appointment and was impressed by the thoroughness of his initial examination and his ability to clearly communicate his diagnosis and treatment plan - something that no one else had ever bothered or been able to do. He is quite simply the best.

Julian Stevens

I have been going to Guy Gold's Osteopathy Clinic since last year and I am extremely happy with the progress my back has made and the service I have received! Anna Aydinc is incredibly talented and has been able to help me work out some muscular issues and help me maintain keeping pain away. She is also extremely personable and I highly recommend seeing her or anyone really at the clinic for any osteopathic needs.


I have been seeing Guy for over 12 years now and he has helped me significantly over the years with a range of musculoskeletal problems including my spine, a frozen shoulder, sequelae of a knee ligament repair and a post-partum pelvis!

I was deeply impressed with him from our first consultation when he performed a neurological examination more thorough than any I had conducted during my medical training! He is a consummate professional and highly skilled at his work. That along with a warm and caring manner always make it a pleasure to see him. I frequently recommend him to colleagues, friends and patients.

Sarah Vonroon

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