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Continue your treatment with us online

Here at Guy Gold's, our focus is and always has been the wellbeing of our patients and clients. In light of changes brought about by COVID-19, the need for quality evidence-based care is more essential than ever. 

The assessment I had for my back issues was very thorough and I had a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan. The therapist was extremely friendly, well informed and knowledgable.

Face-to-face appointments are available with all of our clinicians.​ We are also offering online video consultations for  Osteopathy with Andrew Hudson, Physiotherapy, and Movement Coaching with Andrew Hudson and Rebecca Faith Wield. Video consultations are covered by most major health care insurance providers.

Video Consultations

Video consultations allow us to offer a range of the treatments available during your face-to-face session, without the need for travel or any contact. We have had great success with conducting consultations via video-link.

We can:

  • Take a clinical case history

  • Assess your clinical needs and do an examination and movement assessment 

  • Correct biomechanics, strengthen weak muscles, improve alignment and posture

  • Provide bespoke exercise programmes, such as clinical mat-based Pilates classes or sessions

  • Progress your treatment or manage your pain through specific and focussed rehabilitation

  • Give advice on exercise, health and wellbeing to balance out a more sedentary lifestyle

  • Provide support for those part-way through a treatment programme

Need help? 

If you are unsure of how this would work or need assistance in setting up, please do get in touch and our team would be happy to talk you through it.

Benefits of video consultations 

While we will always seek to offer face-to-face consultations, current research suggests that the outcome measures from video consultations are the same as face-to-face consultations, and patient satisfaction is comparable.

There are several benefits to taking sessions online: you won’t need to factor in travel time, we can fit appointments in around your schedule, and if you’re working from home, we can assess your home-working station via video call and ensure you’re set up correctly. 


Please note Osteopathy and Physiotherapy video consultations are covered by major healthcare insurance providers.

Work from home the healthy way

If you’re working from home or self-isolating, it’s important to consider your health and wellbeing during changes to your routine. It can be easy to slip into unhelpful habits – like working from bed or the sofa – that could cause problems long-term. We can support you during the next few months, ensuring that any treatment plans stay on-track, that you’re keeping active even if staying indoors, and that spending more time at home doesn’t impact your musculoskeletal or overall health.

How does an online consultation work?

We’ve put together a couple of short videos to give you an idea of how an online consultation works.

You can see an example of how an online Osteopathy consultation works here:

Watch an example of how an online Movement Coaching consultation works here:

Please note that these videos are for demonstration purposes only: the movements and exercises included may not be appropriate for all patients and, therefore, should not be attempted unless under the guidance of your Osteopath, Physiotherapist or Movement Coach.

If you’d like to book a video appointment, you can do so in the usual way, via our online booking system, through our reception team on 02070187180, or feel free to contact us directly at

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