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Exercise and injury rehabilitation at Guy Gold Performance Centre

Drawing on the principles of clinical Pilates, Strength and Conditioning and movement coaching, exercise rehabilitation is the process of regaining full normal function following an injury. The overall strength and mobility of the affected body site is restored through the application of specific exercises. 


“Exercise rehab” is an important part of the clinical treatment process following an injury, or while suffering from pain. It can be used in conjunction with manual treatments and other specific forms of exercise (such as Pilates or Yoga) to bring you back to pre-injury levels of daily function, sports performance or pain reduction.


While absolute rest and offloading the affected area may relieve symptoms, over time this is associated with negative potentials such as decreased tissue tolerance to stressors and increased risk of injury and pain in the future.


Understanding how tissues respond to physical stress and mechanical loading helps to achieve the balance between stabilising an injured tissue and avoiding detraining. A full and personalised rehabilitation program is essential to ensure full recovery and return to optimal performance. Every patient is different and will respond to different clinical treatments and rehabilitation exercises at different rates, and so a personalised programme is essential to bring every patient back to their best. 


Our aim at the Performance Centre is to understand each patient’s goals and apply the most appropriate plan and type of exercise that they will benefit from - and most importantly – that they will enjoy.

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