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What is Visceral Osteopathy?

Visceral osteopathy is a type of osteopathic practice that is focused on the manual therapy of the organs in the body. 

From my very first treatment with Mary I experienced a relief in my pain and much needed belief that my condition would improve. Mary is a unique professional in that her experience allows her to completely tailor your treatment and also to work with someone whom you can have confidence in.

Visceral Osteopathy in London NW1

In the same way restriction in joints can cause dysfunction, a restriction in the normal glide and slide movements of your body’s organs can also cause symptoms and inhibit their overall function. Our Senior Osteopath Mary O'Leary provides visceral osteopathy, which can address a number of issues.

There may be adhesions within the connective tissue, which cause restrictions in the overall movement of the organ. The body, being very inept at managing restrictions then create compensations and fixations around the problematic area.
Often a restriction in the organs will manifest as a musculoskeletal condition as pain or lack of mobility in the areas around it. Visceral osteopathy assesses, diagnosis and treats the organs to restore motion, and function and treats the musculoskeletal system too,  

What can Visceral Osteopathy help with?

Visceral osteopathy can help to treat a range of conditions, from gut problems to joint pain and pelvic pain.

Here are some of the conditions that can be helped by visceral osteopathy:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
GERD & Acid Reflux
Chronic Spinal Dysfunction
Post Operative Scar Tissue
Chronic Pelvic Pain

Book an appointment for visceral osteopathy

You can book an appointment for visceral osteopathy with our Senior Osteopath Mary O'Leary here.

If you have any questions about visceral osteopathy, the treatments we offer, or which clinician to see, you can book a free 15-minute consultation where you'll get the chance to chat to one of our clinicians who can point you in the right directions and answer all of your questions.

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