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Your Camden Osteopath: Q&A with Guy Gold

The final instalment in our series, Your Camden Osteopath, brings us an interview with the founder of Guy Golds Osteopathy & Physiotherapy himself - Guy Gold! Guy has worked as an Osteopath in Camden for more than 23 years; here he shares his insights from a long and happy working life here in Camden.

How long have you worked at Guy Golds & Associates? I’ve worked here for 23 years.

What made you decide to practice Osteopathy? I always felt it made perfect sense, when possible, to follow the things you enjoy and are passionate about, so that you have the good fortune to love the work you do. I’ve always loved nature, the environment, science, biology, observation, spirituality and people. I knew from a young age that I would like to do something professionally that I felt was ethical, honest, down-to-earth, real, hands-on and that made a positive difference.

What kind of patients do you treat? That’s one of the brilliant things about being an Osteopath: we have the good fortune of treating a fantastically diverse group of people literally from all walks of life. Whilst unfortunately we are not miracle workers, just Osteopaths, at Guy Gold's we all pride ourselves in giving 100%, in order to ensure we do the very best for every individual who we have the honour of treating. Our patients' comfort is absolutely paramount. It’s inescapably honest, down-to-earth, ethically sound, human-to-human work with our patients at the centre of all that we do. How have you found the experience of treating patients during the pandemic? We feel very lucky to have been able to continue to practice and provide the professional service that we do. Obviously there’s been a vast amount to do in optimising our safeguarding policy and procedures etc. The brilliant team I have the great privilege of working alongside here at Guy Gold's all pulled together to help ensure the most robust safeguarding measures were, and continue to be, in place. This enables us to continue to practice in the safest and most diligent manner possible which is reassuring for all. We have supported a huge number of essential NHS workers, from porters, clerical staff, ambulance teams, nurses, doctors, consultant anaesthetists and teams of surgeons working in the major hospitals throughout London, as well as patients being impacted by the virus on many other levels. It’s such a connected human form of treatment that really helps on the most holistic of levels and I believe we’ve done everything we can in order to help make a positive difference during these challenging times What do you like best about working in Camden? Its enormous multicultural diversity and the wonderful fruits of this. What is something you'd like people to know about Osteopathy that might not be commonly understood? My personal belief is I rather regard our bodies as a vehicle for our soul through this lifetime. The longer we drive around in our vehicles the more we need to take it to the mechanic for physical support. Crudely that’s what we do: we help support individual's vehicles. As such, prevention rather than cure is the best and least painful road to take. Coming for regular MOTs in the absence of pain helps our bumpy journeys through life to be better physically supported. This of course helps optimise our vitality, improving our emotional, mental and biochemical health in doing so. To this day I’ve not met anybody who wouldn’t benefit from some Osteopathic support. It’s also very nice to receive. What is your favourite thing about working at Guy Golds & Associates?

Absolutely without shadow of a doubt the amazing team I have the great privilege of working alongside. Andrew, Anna, Michelle and Mary are exceptional clinicians, true leaders in their field, steadfastly committed to their profession, exceptional peers and a total pleasure to work alongside as well as to personally receive treatment from. What is your speciality or area of interest in your field? My area of interest is very broad. I love treating children as well as elderly patients and everyone in between. As Osteopaths, it's all about treating people, not conditions. Whilst we are very focused in attending to the patients' needs and particular concerns we are very holistic in what we do. Can you tell me about a rewarding experience you've had while working at Guy Golds & Associates as an Osteopath? It’s just brilliant treating fellow human beings and supporting them so that they’re more comfortable in life. I just wish I had a magic wand as well sometimes - which sadly I don’t.

Thanks to Guy for sharing his perspective on working as an Osteopath in Camden. If you'd like to book an appointment with Guy or any of our other experienced Osteopaths or Physiotherapists, you can do so via our Booking page.

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