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Six Things You Didn’t Know About Osteopathy

If you’ve ever wondered what an Osteopath does, or what an appointment with an Osteopath is like, read on – we’ve put together a list of six things you might know about our favourite subject.

Osteopaths don’t just treat pain and injuries

Many of the patients we see as Osteopaths are dealing with pain or injuries, and Osteopathy offers lots of ways to help manage and treat these conditions. However, we also see lots of patients for a regular tune-up, making sure they’ve got as much mobility as possible, and maintaining good posture and range of motion.

You don’t have to take your clothes off when you visit an Osteopath

Sometimes during an appointment, your Osteopath may ask you to remove some of your clothing so that they can work directly on the skin. However, if you’d prefer not to, you can let your Osteopath know at any time. Your comfort is of utmost importance during an appointment with our Osteopaths, and they’ll be on hand to help you feel comfortable and safe.

Osteopathy isn’t all about backs and joints

Again, although treating backs and joint issues forms a large part of the work we do with our patients, we also treat issues relating to the circulatory and digestive system, fibromyalgia, cramp, neuralgia, and headaches arising from the neck. When treating patients, we treat the whole person, and not just the symptoms - we’ll ask you lots of questions during your session to ascertain exactly what’s going on and how we can help. Rather than isolating and treating a specific part of the body, we’ll look at the entire body as a whole: if you’ve got a sore knee, we’ll look at what’s causing the pain and how we can treat the underlying issue, and give you advice on how to prevent it from returning. Our goal is to help you live your life in the healthiest, happiest way possible.

You can self-refer if you’d like to see an Osteopath

In most cases, you don’t need to be referred to an Osteopath through your GP. If you’ve got questions about booking an appointment with an Osteopath, you can always get in touch, or feel free to book directly through our website.

You can bring a friend along to your Osteopathy appointment

If you’d feel more comfortable with a friend, a parent, or a carer you’re welcome to bring them along. We’re here to make you feel safe and looked-after the entire time you’re in our care.

No two patients are treated the same

We’ve mentioned this already, but it’s an important part of the way we do things here at Guy Gold’s - when we treat our patients, we treat the whole person. This means that we’ll never look at two patients the same, even if they have the same condition or injury. We like to understand as much as possible about you and the way you live your life, so we can help you go out and do it: what movement goals do you have? What would you like to do that you can’t just now? How does your job affect your posture, your health, and your mobility?

If you’d like to book an appointment to see one of our Osteopaths - or a Physiotherapist or Nutrition Consultant - you can do so via our Booking page.

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