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Your Camden Osteopath: Gervais Roubeix

As we recently welcomed Gervais Roubeix to the team as our newest Osteopath, we thought we'd publish another instalment of our interview series, Your Camden Osteopath. We sat down with Gervais to discuss all things Osteopathy, working in Camden, and his favourite things about working here at Guy Gold's.

What made you decide to practice Osteopathy?

I’ve always been of a caring nature, trying to ensure that everyone feels at their best around me, physically and mentally. I have been I in awe of the profession of Osteopathy since I had digestive issues as a child and an Osteopath helped me significantly in a few treatments, helping me to avoid surgery.

What do you like best about working in Camden?

I love the ambiance and the community around the coffee shop. The smell of coffee is always comforting and welcoming; I’ll never get tired of greeting my patients in that atmosphere.

What is something you'd like people to know about Osteopathy that might not be commonly understood?

I wish people would pay more attention to their body and their feelings. The relation between pain and feeling is very clear. Even the most constant worry or anxiety is negotiable, although sometimes it takes practice and help from a professional. One aspect of Osteopathy is to help you with that. It’s an extraordinary tool to make friends with our bodies, and the payoff of embodiment is enormous. Keep feeling, folks.

What is your favourite thing about working at Guy Golds & Associates?

Everyone is so kind, honest, supportive of each other and extremely competent. We all have this common goal to help our patients as best as we can and the results are really gratifying.

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