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Your Camden Osteopath: Grant Barnett

Next up in our interview series Your Camden Osteopath, we're chatting to Grant Barnett. Grant joined the Guy Gold team in September and offers osteopathy treatment in Camden from our Treatment Rooms in NW1.

How long have you worked at Guy Golds & Associates?

I joined at the end of September, so still a newbie here but looking forward to what comes next.

What made you decide to practice osteopathy?

It’s been a windy road to osteopathy. Growing up in Australia as a sports-mad kid I had visions of being a physiotherapist. I completed a sports administration/sports science course and that led me to a number of sports and recreation related roles including a gym instructor and a summer camp director in the US. I travelled quite widely and found myself on the corporate track, as a business analyst, which was great but it wasn’t the greatest for my mental health and I needed better balance in my life. It was at this point that I feel osteopathy found me. My training to become an osteopath was one of the most purposeful and conscious decisions of my life.

What do you like to treat?

I enjoy supporting people of all ages to reach their health goals and get their body moving better; this can range from neck, shoulder and low back pain to aches and pain in the extremities, such as wrist and ankle. I am also deepening my knowledge of paediatrics and studying at the Osteopathic Centre for Children (OCC) and hence I also treat babies, children and pregnant/post-natal women.

What’s one of your most challenging achievements?

Prior to becoming an osteopath, I worked at a non-profit summer camp for at-risk and homeless children in New York. As an international staff member new to the summer camp concept, it was both a rewarding and challenging experience and I went on to become the director of the camp. Not only had the children experienced homelessness, many of them had also endured physical abuse or neglect and this meant that they had emotional or behavioural issues. The campgrounds were of a fairly rugged nature with campers & staff sleeping in canvas tents and no flush toilets, however, waking up to the natural surroundings of fresh air, sun glistening off the lake and the occasional friendly deer balanced that out. I personally grew from the experience and it was amazing to play a small role in supporting the camp’s aims in allowing these children the opportunity to be kids again!

Describe yourself in 10 words:

Aussie who enjoys travel, rugby/cricket, movies, music and the outdoors.

Thanks to Grant for taking the time to chat with us for our Your Camden Osteopath series! If you'd like to book an appointment for Osteopathy in Camden with Grant, or for any of the services we offer, you can do so on our Booking page.

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