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Your Camden Physiotherapist: Marco De Lorenzi

Next in our series 'Your Camden Physiotherapist', we're meeting Marco De Lorenzi, who joined our practice in 2022. Read on to find out more about your friendly Camden physiotherapist Marco.

Tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Marco and I am a physiotherapist and an osteopath. I come from Italy where I trained to become a physio, and I moved in the UK 7 years ago where I trained as an osteopath and where I am currently practicing. How long have you worked at Guy Golds & Associates? I joined this amazing practice in October 2022! What made you decide to practice physiotherapy? I had been treated by a physiotherapist for many years during my childhood and adolescence. It helped me a lot managing my aches and injuries related to my professional sport activity during the critical years of my growth. What do you like best about working in Camden? I can work with people coming from any professional background, age and culture! I find this incredibly stimulating and it allows me to learn something from everyone, every day.

What is something you'd like people to know about physiotherapy that might not be commonly understood? It is not just about boring exercise prescription! It is about learning about how your body works and what is the language it uses to express its needs.

If you could give everyone one piece of physiotherapy-related advice, what would it be? When you do exercise, it is not important to focus on the perfect form, or pushing through the very last rep even if it's painful. The most important thing is finding any practice you enjoy; having fun is the only good way to make training consistent. What are your favourite things about working at Guy Golds & Associates? Wise and humble colleagues, and the amazing coffee 🙂

Thanks so much Marco for taking the time to speak to us about physiotherapy in Camden! If you'd like to book an appointment with Marco, you can do so on our booking page here.

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