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Your Camden Osteopath: Q&A with Andrew Hudson

Welcome to the third interview in our series, Your Camden Osteopath. This week we're hearing from Andrew Hudson, Clinical Director and Senior Associate Osteopath here at Guy Golds.

Andrew has been working as an Osteopath for over a 10 years. As well as Osteopathy, Andrew also offers Movement Coaching, Clinical Pilates, Strength & Conditioning and Movement Analysis.

How long have you worked at Guy Golds & Associates?

4 years at Easter, 2021.

What made you decide to practice Osteopathy?

I love movement, science and sports. As well as challenge around diagnostics and nuanced human movement. I also found I couldn’t sit still all day in an office, so I wanted to do something “more active”.

What kind of patients/people do you treat?

I welcome all kinds of patients but the majority of my list is spinal related. I enjoy treating lower back and lower limb injuries the most.

How have you found the experience of treating patients during the pandemic?

Initially it was very difficult due to restrictions. But, with the huge change in everyone’s lifestyles, it became very busy. A lot of people are now working from home at sub-optimal workstations, taking on new exercise regimes or moving less - this adds to already high stress levels. Being able to support people through this has been very valuable.

What do you like best about working in Camden?

The colourful High Street, the history, the beautiful houses and architecture and the odd celebrity spotting.

What is something you'd like people to know about Osteopathy that might not be commonly understood?

It’s not just manual therapy. We/I offer movement, strength-based rehabilitation, and Clinical Pilates in a gym-based environment.

What is your favourite thing about working at Guy Golds & Associates?

Firstly, the free coffee. Secondly, my colleagues

What is your speciality or area of interest in your field?

Strength & Conditioning training and coaching and exercise rehabilitation. I particularly enjoy lower back and lower limb injury rehabilitation.

Can you tell me about a rewarding experience you've had while working at Guy Golds & Associates as an Osteopath?

Developing relationships and helping amazing and wonderfully interesting patients. Without breaking confidentiality; some of my patients in their 80s and 90s are particularly inspiring. I find helping them achieve a better quality of life very rewarding.

Thanks very much to Andrew for telling us all about working as an Osteopath in Camden. You can book an appointment with Andrew or any of our Associates, for Osteopathy or Physiotherapy, via our Booking page.

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